If This Wall Could Talk

The show will be available here starting April 7th.


If This Wall Could Talk is free to watch. Donations are greatly appreciated!

If This Wall Could Talk

The past year’s pandemic has forced us, allowed us, to be more collaborative and more digital. Inspired by Jann Haworth and Alex Johnstone’s Utah Women mural on the side of the Dinwoody Building, owned by Zions Bank, we asked six living women on the mural to talk about what COVID has taught them, and what they will continue doing after the pandemic.

We also chose six historic women and asked six Utah playwrights to create scenes to comment from those women’s point of view on their hard times and on their truths. Seven women actors perform those scenes for us. In this performance you see the magnificent mural and hear the voices of Utah Women speaking of our times, their times, and hopes for times to come.

If This Wall Could Talk was written by Julie Jensen, Olivia Custodio, Elaine Jarvik, Jenny Kokai, Debora Threedy, and Morag Shepherd. Featuring actors Kay Howell Shean, Stephanie Howell, Barb Gandy, Vicky Pugmire, Brenda Hattingh, Ariana Broumas Farber, and Natalie Keezer. Directed by Teresa Sanderson. 

Premieres April 7th!

A play celebrating Utah women.

If This Wall Could Talk