Pygmalion Productions is a Salt Lake City based theater company that produces theater that reflects issues, concerns and shared experiences in the lives of women. In this time of daily loss, struggle and suffering across the world, we want to remind you that the arts can fire minds, warm souls, dazzle and delight. We will want them to be there in times ahead, for us and especially for our children. As Ashley Wheater told us, "Live art, the magic of the theater, is one of the few things that can bring total strangers together in unique harmony, reminding us of our humanity."

Body Awareness plays May 6-21, 2022

A gentile satire about sexuality's endless capacity to make us miserable that spins a complex web of emotions and ideas about ordinary, flawed people, grasping for connection.

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Our 2021-22 season

Tragedy Averted, October 8 to 23, 2021
Bella Bella, February 11-26, 2022
Body Awareness, May 6-21, 2022

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Watch If This Wall Could Talk!

Watch our virtual theater experience centered on celebrating the character and historic achievements of the Utah women featured on a mural located in downtown Salt Lake City.   The piece addresses responses to the Covid 19 pandemic from contemporary and historic perspectives.  You can watch it here: