About Us

The mission of Pygmalion Theatre Company is to produce theatre that reflects issues, concerns and shared experiences in the lives of women.

Every production that PYG undertakes ties directly back to its mission: giving voice to women – playwrights, directors, performers, characters – and telling the stories that reflect women’s lives. We do this through a variety of artistic media.


Nancy Roth and Reb Fleming birthed Pygmalion Productions in Ogden, Utah in 1995.  The company later moved to Salt Lake City, becoming resident tenants of the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in 2005.

Since 1995, Pygmalion Productions has given women voice through the production of dramatic literature, music and multi-media. Often, these productions explore penetrating or controversial issues. Welcome Home Jenny Sutter (by Julie Marie Myatt) speaks to the challenges female veterans face returning from war; Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar Grill (by Lanie Robertson) relates Billie Holiday’s struggles with race and addiction; The Good Body (by Eve Ensler) and Fat Pig (Neal LeBute) speak to contemporary Western women’s issues with body image.