Past Productions

2012-13 Productions:

Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill by Lanie Robertson

Featuring Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin & Laikwan Waigwa Stone.  As Billie Holiday singing the blues, and speaking her funny, sad truth, Duffin brings a soulful haunting depth to the songs Holiday made tragically famous, while revealing the painful life that fueled her artistry.

Cheat by Julie Jensen
Sometimes loves misses the mark and that’s a cheat.
Armistice Day 1945:  With the end of the war, a Utah “Rosie the Riveter” faces the end of a job, the end of a romance, a brand new baby and a nation that wants women to remember their place.

 A Night with the Family by Mathew Ivan Bennett
We meet: Donald- a New Age hoarder, Diane- a micro manager and a cougar, Antoine- a French-Canadian modern dancer and soon-to-be step dad, Bree- a Mormon convert whose husband has an internet porn addiction, and Donny- a newlywed with anxiety attacks. We meet a family….. full of advice.

SPARK by Caridad Svich Pygmalion proudly joined with theatre organizations across the country to read this work, about a female war veteran returning to her family of sisters in North Carolina, was read during the month of November in time for Veteran’s Day and around the national US elections. The national script reading has been developed to honor US war veterans, shed light on the plight of female veterans in particular, and to raise increased awareness for their stories. Directed by Alexandra Harbol

Mores Mill, Alabama—population 5,638—1922.  Who’s going to take a photograph of the Sam Hose hanging?  There’s only one Photographer in Mores Mill, Louis Vinder . . . and he’s a Yankee.

THANK YOU, I KNOW! By Sam Wessels and Kelsie Jepsen
Kelsie and Sam explore the annals of Kelsie’s ultra-Mormon upbringing, her mother’s bipolar episodes, her father’s workaholic reclusiveness, and her siblings’ constant death threats. Directed by Robin Wilks-Dunn. Hosted at Chase Mill at the Tracy Aviary.