What Is Pygmalion Productions

We are a Salt Lake City based theater company that produces theater that reflects issues, concerns and shared experiences in the lives of women. In this time of daily loss, struggle and suffering across the world, we want to remind you that the arts can fire minds, warm souls, dazzle and delight. We will want them to be there in times ahead, for us and especially for our children. As Ashley Wheater told us, "Live art, the magic of the theater, is one of the few things that can bring total strangers together in unique harmony, reminding us of our humanity."

Tender Hooks, a play by Julie Jensen

First up for Pygmalion's 2024-2025 is Tender Hooks, a play written by Julie Jensen and directed by Fran Pruyn.

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TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR INDIVIDUAL SHOWS AND SEASON PACKAGES. Online at www.arttixx.org or by phone 801-355-2787.

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Our 2024-2025 Season

October 4 to 19, 2024 Tender Hooks Directed by Fran Pruyn February 22 – March 9, 2025 (Little) Broken Rules Directed by Tamera Johnson-Howell May 5 to May 18, 2025 Be Here Now Directed by Jason Bowcutt

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Pygmalion Productions

City Weekly calls “Mother, Mother” a terrific exploration of a woman facing the impediments of her era.

Baum’s performance provides the biggest jolt of energy in Mother, Mother, spanning decades from precociously dramatic adolescent to melancholy senior. It’s a terrific exploration of a woman facing the impediments of her era, and becomes the fulcrum in a compelling look at mother-daughter relationships—specifically, the way even a woman who felt limited by the expectations of

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