In violence, we forget who we are.


“About a year and a half ago.  And I seem to have misquoted myself.  I said that every word she writes is a lie except ‘and’ and ‘but’ rather than ‘and’ and ‘the.’  I have no objection with Miss Hellman’s use of the word ‘but.’”  – Mary McCarthy in Hellman v. McCarthy.

Join Pygmalion for the Utah premier of a linguistic battle between two of America’s greatest female writers, Lillian Hellman (Reb Fleming) and Mary McCarthy (Barb Gandy). A retelling of their actual feud over accusations of literary veracity and the ensuing legal battle which lasted years. Both women were eventually ruined, in different ways, by their grudge, verbal violence and entrenched opinions. Hellman v. McCarthy also features Dick Cavett (Allen Smith) as the referee between these to heavy weights of the written word.