PYGmalion Theater announces auditions for its 2018 – 2019 season, on Saturday July 22nd. Actors will be requested to read from the script(s) of their choice. Sides and scripts will be available upon request for an audition slot. If July 22 is impossible, alternate times may be also arranged with the directors. Audition slots are available from 10 am through 6 pm at the Rose Wagner Theater. Call backs will be Sunday July 23rd.

For an audition slot email Fran Pruyn at Please bring a resume and headshot to auditions.

Tigers, Be Stil by Kim Rosenstock, directed by Elizabeth Golden
Runs October 18 – November 11, 2018

A comedy about depression.
Sherry Wickman finds herself unemployed, overwhelmed, and back at home after earning her master’s degree in art therapy. When Sherry gets hired as a substitute art teacher, things begin to brighten up. Now if only her mother would come downstairs, her sister would get off the couch, her very first therapy patient would do just one of his take-home assignments, her new boss would leave his gun at home, and someone could catch the tiger that escaped from the local zoo, everything would be just fine.

Roles Available: (2 w, 2 m)
Sherry, twenties
Joseph, fifties
Zack, late teen – early twenties
Grace, twenties – thirties

Wait by Julie Jensen directed by Fran Pruyn
Runs February 21 – March 9, 2019

Our girl Wendy Burger stands on the edge of a summer that will change her life forever. It’s the summer she moves out of her father’s house (and into the UPS truck). The summer she starts a theatre with the guy she used to date (no one else would have them). The summer she performs her first acting role (Lisa in Hamlet—with a flickering blue light playing the lead, à la Tinkerbell). The summer when she gets tips from the actress, Floating Piñata Head. But most of all it’s the summer when she meets O Vixen My Vixen (yes, that’s her full name!) who is both beautiful and oh-so-deep. It’s the summer that changes everything in Wendy’s life.

Roles Available (3w, 1 m – ages are somewhat negotiable
Wendy Burger, a woman in her 20s with boots
O Vixen my Vixen, woman in her 20s, a vixen
Dad – Wendy’s father, in his late 50s (played by Actor 1)
Lu, a man in his 20s, outrageous (played by Actor 1)
Hazar, a man from Armenia, in his 50s (played by Actor 1)
Modesto, a woman who’s been there, in her 50s (played by Actress 1)
Jen-ya, A woman from Rumania, 50 (played by Actress 1)
Floating pinata head . . . . . a woman of the theatre, 50 (played by Actress 1)

Sweetheart Come by Melissa Leilani Larson directed by Mark Fossen
Runs May 2 – May 19, 2019

Emma Hauck realizes that her husband’s political ambitions are changing him—and their marriage. She finds refuge in her writing, and in the unexpected friendship of a new servant. As both relationships grow more complex, Emma must face difficult truths about herself that she never knew existed. Inspired by a heartbreaking true story, this new play explores the intersection between marriage, illness, and the power of a pencil. A 2016 O’Neill National Playwrights Conference Semifinalist, SWEETHEART COME will receive its world premiere production at PYGmalion Theatre.

Roles Available (1w, 2m)
EMMA, early 30s
MICHAEL, her husband, 30s-40s
AUGUST, the gardener, 20s-40s