Wrestling with Angels

Monday, Oct. 21 | 8:00 pm
Weller Book Works, Trolly Square

Pygmalion Theater Co.’s TBD Reading Series presents
Wrestling with Angels
by Deborah Thready
Featuring:  Tracie Merrill, Christopher Glade, Elena Dern, and Anita Booher. Directed by Adrianne Moore

Karen, a young, liberal attorney. Judith, a middle-aged mother and polygamous wife. The two wrestle over the fate of Judith’s teen-aged daughter. And in the course of that struggle, each woman must face her own “dark night of the soul,” and either re-affirm her core beliefs – or throw out everything she thought she knew and start over.

Pygmalion is proud to partner with Weller Book Works for this energetic staged reading in unconventional spaces for theatrical performances! Join us in one of Salt Lake’s favorite book shops with some of Utah’s finest talent!